DAVID MALDONADO - Musical Director/Composer
Raised in a family where playing music was as natural as breathing, David’s early influences encompassed a broad range of music, most notably Classical & Flamenco. By the age of eight, David was already an accomplished violinist, immersed in the Classic world of Bach and Mozart. When he was ten, David’s father gave him his first and only guitar lesson. That lesson awoke in him a passion that has never wavered. By the age of fourteen, David was performing classical guitar concerts at the University of Arizona and won numerous awards. The sounds of his childhood, Bach, Mozart & Vivaldi, complemented by Spanish masters such as Sabicas and the Romeros, inspired David to explore and perfect a broad range of musical techniques and styles. Maldonado's CD trilogy collection, "El Amor de mi Alma", “Viaje de mi Alma”, and “Almas and Angels”, offer an enticing trip into this unique infusion of Flamenco and Classical styling. www.davidmaldonado.com
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